4 Dutch companies visiting ESRF

On Thursday, four firms from the Netherlands will arrive at ESRF for a one - day visit. .

These firms wil join the visit (see their bussiness profiles at the links):

All talks will be in Meeting Room CO-1-101 at the ESRF starting 8:30 am.

Date:  Thursday, 8 February, 2018

ESRF Program of the Visit of Dutch Companies

February 8, 2018, Meeting Room MD-1-21
Contacts : Jean-Charles Deshayes +33 (0) 4 76 88 20  67 / Stephanie Locquet +33 (0) 4 76 88 22 63
Luis Sanchez Ortiz            Director of Administration
Ingrid Milanese                  Head of the Procurement and Contracts Service (PCS)
Jean-Charles Deshayes    ESRF Buyer
Philippe Marion                  Head of the Mechanical Engineering Group (ISDD)

08.30:  Welcome coffee with I. Milanese and Mr Krisch.
09.00:  Presentation of the Procurement and Contract Service (J-C. Deshayes)
09.30:    General presentation describing the ESRF projects and planned Mechanical procurements over the next 4 years followed by questions (P. Marion)
10.00:  Coffee /Tea break
10:15:  Plenary presentations/pitches of the 4 Dutch companies (15mn each Company)
11:15:  Discussions of specific questions / projects with ISDD engineers
12.30:  Lunch with Dutch companies, Buyers and Dutch PA Rob Klopping
14.00:     - Presentation of EBS project (JL Revol)
               - Presentation Mock up (T. Brochard)
               - Presentation of EBS Collimators project (J. Borrel)
15.30: Coffee /Tea break
16.00:    Plans from Dubble regarding to the new beam line BM14 (Point to be managed by EXP/CRG Liaison + Roelof van Silfhout)
17.30:    Wrap up


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